MLB draft and trade thoughts

TJ Sanders

Speaking Sports With TJ Sanders

The MLB draft and trade deadline are coming up, so it makes for some huge news in the baseball world. However, the teams draft tends to dictate how teams make trades at the deadline. 

When a team is selling at the deadline the draft will center on the prospects they try and get out of deals. If a team has drafted an abundance of pitchers in the draft, it would be more likely for the team selling to try and get prospects that are position players. 

The draft always provides an exciting experience for the fans. Every team has a different strategy going into the draft. Teams that are in a win now situation will draft players that are more pro ready and will get to the big leagues quicker; teams that are in a rebuilding more will go for players that have high upside but will take them longer to get to the big leagues. 

With the trade deadline each team has their own plan but as a whole each team’s plan comes from the same place. Teams that have no shot of making it to the postseason will trade their best players in exchange for top prospects in order to build their team for the future. 

Some teams who have a chance to make it to the postseason will stay put and move veterans on expiring contracts to acquire young talent with more team control to have a longer window to win. 

Other teams on the bubble will go all in for that one year and buy big name talent even if they only have one more year of team control to try and win the World Series. 

Teams that have solidified them into making the playoffs will get the best players available to them and ship off multiple prospects to try and create a dynasty. 

These teams will be able to compete for several years after this season.