Kern River Valley Women’s Club

I spoke with the current president of the Kern River Valley Women’s Club this week. Her name is Leslie Black. This club is a wonderful group of mature women with ages ranging from 20 to 91 that are committed to the alliance of fellowship while contributing to the betterment of the Kern River Valley.  

What is the official name of the organization?

The Kern River Valley Woman’s Club

What is the primary function of the women’s club?

The Kern River Valley Woman’s Club primary function is to promote good will and to give back to the community. We are a non-partisan, non political, philanthropic Club.

Who are the key officers ?

Key officers are Leslie Black President, Judy Rowley 1st Vice President and Auditor, Fern Sammon 2nd Vice President, Christine Burdge Treasurer, Pam Rice Recording Secretary, Rose Brock Corresponding Secretary, Judy Dodd Parliamentarian, and three directors.

What are some of the most exciting and unique programs that the Women’s Club have to benefit adults and children?

The club has monthly meetings September- May. At most of those meetings we have a guest speaker that is associated with the Kern River Valley. The members learn about who and what the speaker is representing. The club then presents a check  (donation) to the speaker. This past year we donated to the Ark Soup Kitchen, One Spade Youth Packers, The Art Association, Senior Citizens Inc. and a few more. We also give 2-3 High School Scholarships to graduating students at our local High School.

How does the Women’s Club receive funding to help other groups?

In order to raise funds to do all these things the Club does, we have two major fundraisers we do each year. One is THE CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR and second is the Spring Champagne Brunch. The way we bring in money for both of those is the drawing ticket sales. The Spectacular is sponsored by local businesses buying and decorating a Christmas tree, and then putting gifts under them. It is a full dinner held at the Elks Lodge. Dinner ticket holders buy drawing tickets to put in a bucket of the tree of their choice or choices. One ticket per tree is drawn. The Brunch is the same thing except it’s gift baskets and a brunch at the Elk’s Lodge. We do have in house things we do that the members donate money for. 

How can our community help or contribute to the women’s club?

Ways to help our club out are to attend the two fundraisers, join the club or send a donation to the KRVWC at post office box 274, Wofford Heights, Ca 93285. 

What are some things you would like us to know?

We really have a lot of fun at our meetings. Many of our members are very involved in the community. Everyone has a voice. For information about joining call Fern Sammon @ 760/223-5454 or email her at [email protected] or contact me, Leslie Black 760/376-4658 or email [email protected]