Youth Bowling League gives kids a fun summer sport

Youth bowling league. Submitted Photo

Story by TJ Sanders

Many people don’t realize bowling is a true sport. They just think of it as something to go out and do for fun when on vacation or to hang out with friends. 

Mt Mesa Lanes is the bowling alley we have in the valley and they have a youth and adult league available for people to come in and play. When Gabby Mayfield and her father first bought the bowling alley they had a lot of work to do on the place. They had to make many  renovations to make the place more appealing for people to come in and bowl. 

They instantly started a youth bowling league, which turned into a youth/adult league, to get kids involved in this sport. Gabby’s favorite part is that it gets the parents involved outside of the house. 

The hardest part about the youth league is keeping the kids involved due to other sports. The summer season has less kids due to softball and baseball compared to the winter season when there are less popular sports happening. They play three games every Saturday at 6PM. 

While asking some of the youth league members what their favorite part about being involved in the league is, these are some of the responses:

Phoenix Ferguson, 14 “It is so much fun and I enjoy going against other players.”

Cali Ferguson, 10 “It is a good way to spend your Saturday nights with your family and friends.”

Skylee Aulston, 11 “You get to meet new people, and hang out with friends every week while bowling.”

Gauge Deer, 14 “Best thing is getting to compete with other bowlers and try to beat them.”

Kaleb Johnson, 16 “Making new friends.”

Taylor Salmon, 16 “I have so much fun being in the youth/adult league. You can connect with people and make a bowling family and everyone is so supportive.” 

Contact Mt Mesa Lanes for more information. (760) 379-3131