Word Consciousness

By George Stahl

If you like trying and doing new things, but don’t have a lot of time or money, or are lacking considerably in both, then becoming ‘word consciouses’ could be just the thing you need.

Think about it. How much does it cost to add a few new words to your everyday vocabulary, and it takes literary a second or to out of your busy schedule. You don’t even have to have a word or meaning in mind. It’s as easy as a simple google. And you are ten times smarter than you were when you woke up this morning! Amazing! You can try your new words out on your family and friends immediately. No waiting for a delivery of some sort, or a text or email. No signing on to a new account or entering a username and password. Simply see the word, learn how to pronounce it, and bang, you now have a new word in your repertoire of words, cliches and phrases.

Everyone will think that you are a genius. A wizard of words and a plethora of information and knowledge. They will see that somewhere beneath that face that looks like it may not have everything about the universe figured out, lurks a brain of unimageable power and wisdom. A treasure trove of English vernacular and binocular immenseness that to open it fully would be to expose the world to too much wealth and information and to overload the brain grids of everyone around you!

In that vein, you might want tos tart out slowly in your compiling of new words. This is for your sake as well as for your friends. For yourself because if you try to download too fast into your brain banks, it could cause a surge, and then confusion and ultimately, well we don’t need to go there, just be careful. Baby steps in word moderation. For your friends, a slow, gradual start would better help them to see how you are growing and how you are using words that they never heard of and do not know the meaning of, but want to desperately keep up with you, and not to demean them, but they fail! Not a good way to retain a relationship.

So, if take the time in your friendship with people, and sonder their perspective, you will see that they, as you do, want to succeed in life, but have obstacles as we all do. Amidst all of the kerfuffle of the world, especially in the day-to-day dealings, we can get lost and start feeling more and more as if what we are doing is making us feel a pernicious impact on our thinking. Hopefully, if that is true it only ephemeral, and we will be back to ourselves soon. If we allow ourselves a moment of being quixotic, we might be able to sense a whiff of petrichor air and drift into a moment of mellifluous meditation. Ahhh, then, after a short time, all will be good again and the world will be right. Or, you could feel that the vocabulary you currently have is sufficient for what you and you would rather languidly recline in your favorite chair streaming reruns of Gilligan’s Island all afternoon.