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Writing Out Loud: It’s a Boy!

By George Stahl / December 19, 2017

By George Stahl It was five days before the baby was going to be born. The parents didn’t know that exactly, but they had a feeling it was soon. What were they going to do? They had started on this journey some time ago, and they still had a two days ride to the city. […]


Writing Out Loud: A Jumanji Christmas Jungle

By George Stahl / December 12, 2017

By George Stahl For centuries, people have been using plants to brighten their Christmas scenes every year. The most popular of these have been mistletoe, ivy, poinsettias and Christmas trees. The more of these colorful plants that you set around the house, the more festive and Christmassy your home gets. One of the side effects […]


Writing Out Loud: Put Your Own Shoes On

By George Stahl / December 5, 2017

By George Stahl Today, Dec. 6, is set aside for celebration. It is National ‘Put On Your Own Shoes’ day. It is traditionally celebrated by parents who, after years of teaching and demonstrating to their children, reach the milestone of having the kids put on their own shoes and lace them up by themselves. It […]


Writing Out Loud: Knowledge Could Cost Ya!

By George Stahl / November 29, 2017

By George Stahl Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Super Sales Sunday, Cyber Monday and Pitch a Tent Tuesday start off the 2017 Christmas shopping frenzy! For the most part, these days are appropriately labeled and we can understand why. But ‘Black Friday’? Why black? Surprisingly, the title given to the day after Thanksgiving started back […]


Writing Out Loud: It’s in the Fine Print

By George Stahl / November 14, 2017

It seems that with all of the talk of sexual misconduct and abuse in Hollywood, a man named Ezekiel Hall has come forward with information regarding one of the stars of the 1977 T.V. series, ‘The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.’ In a little known press conference held last Wednesday at a location somewhere […]


Writing Out Loud: TP 1.01

By George Stahl / November 7, 2017

By George Stahl The latest tax to come from the lawmakers of California is called, ‘TP 1.01.’ It is a tax that will be levied on how many rolls of toilet paper is used per household. The hope behind this tax is to reduce the amount of paper that is wasted by the millions of […]


Writing Out Loud: GEM

By George Stahl / October 31, 2017

Writing Out Loud / George Stahl According to the Berkeley City Council, carnivals can no longer give fish away as a prize in their midways. You know, the game where for five dollars you get three ping pong balls and the chance to toss them into a small bowl that sits in a field of […]


First Annual Beer Festival

By George Stahl / October 24, 2017

By George Stahl Special to the Sun Every annual event has a beginning. On Saturday, Oct. 21, Rivernook Campground in Kernville presented the 1st Annual Rockin’ River Beer and Music Festival. At this year’s event, 100 percent of the proceeds were contributed to the non-profit organization ‘Keepers of the Kern,’ according to the event coordinator, […]


The Seventh Planet

By George Stahl / October 24, 2017

It is a huge ball of gas floating around in space. It is the 7th planet from the sun and the third largest of the eight in our solar system. Pluto was deplanetised in 2006 and reclassified as a ‘dwarf planet,’ (In turn, did Disney reclassify its Pluto and move him from Mickey’s pup to […]


St. Jude Fall Fest fun for all

By George Stahl / October 17, 2017

By George Stahl Special to the Sun Since 1996, St. Jude Catholic Church in Wofford Heights has been holding their Fall Festival. The event has become a staple in the Kern River Valley community, and many of this year’s patrons have been attending since it was first held. The attendance, as well as the selection […]

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