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Writing Out Loud: Disgusting!

By George Stahl / September 19, 2017

By George Stahl Bugs! OMG, it’s a bug. “The biggest, ugliest, yuckiest bug I have ever seen!” Most of us have bellowed that out when we’ve come into contact with one of these horrific, super disgusting little creatures of the night. They creep around in the darkness, scavenging for whatever they may find that is […]


Writing Out Loud: PC-nado

By George Stahl / September 12, 2017

By George Stahl Computers are a bust! It took me at least an hour longer to write this than normal due to some stupid computer thing. Slow responding, then no responding. How many times has that or something else computer related caused you to have a mini nervous breakdown? There has to be a name […]


Cynthia Zimmer visits KRV

By George Stahl / September 12, 2017

By George Stahl Special to the Sun After 33 years in the Kern County District Attorney’s office, veteran prosecutor Cynthia Zimmer decided that she would throw her hat into the ring and run for the top spot in the office. “The times have changed, and in order to keep ahead of them, we have to […]


One Step Ahead of the Storm

By George Stahl / September 6, 2017

It was a dark and stormy night, the cheap dime store novel began. Many mysteries and old time horror books used that opening line, but if the story was set last Sunday night, it could have been a perfect description. Early that evening, a thunderstorm rolled into the valley and took on a strong indication […]