Seniors organization welcomes members and volunteers


At a luncheon located at Paradise Cove Lodge, accompanied by Judy Hyatt, president of the Senior Citizens Inc (SCI) Karen Northcutt spoke about the organization, Thursday March 7, to the Kern Valley Exchange Club.

“Most of you sort of know me,” she said. “Before my life at Senior Citizens Inc I had Northcutt & Associates.”  

When SCI first formed they helped with delivering Meals on Wheels as volunteers around the valley.  However the county took the Meals on Wheels program over.  So, the organization started to do fun trips, for seniors instead, and had Bingo events.

When COVID hit, the older folks running it wanted to disband the organization. However

a few persons determined it would be too difficult to attain another 501 C3 and not a good idea to give it up. Therefore, SCI determined not to disband. 

“We kind of started with nothing. We took up a collection at our first meeting in

July of 2021 and passed the hat because we had to pay our insurance that month.”

The organization has been on a mission since then to build up funds. They have gotten 

a couple of grants. However most of their funding must come from sponsorships and


“The needs for seniors in the valley did not go away just because of COVID.” Northcutt said.  In fact, the need for socialization and the isolation increasing brought forth knowledge of the need for SCI.

In addition to social opportunities the organization has newsletter and referral information provided for senior citizens. The information was initially outdated and the group has worked on updating it.  “We decided we would answer the phone all the time,” she said, because SCI gets phone calls about Meals on Wheels and needs for other referrals. “We get anywhere from 25-30 calls a week,” she said.

People ask about food give aways, in home health care, hospice services, and other issues pertaining to the needs of senior citizens. 

Businesses families and individuals can join the organization. The membership money enables them to pay for their insurance and other needs. SCI is also looking for volunteers. Reach SCI at (760) 379-1428.