Kissack Ranch to hold 60-year anniversary Easter Egg Hunt

Courtesy Photo

Story by Catherine Stachowiak

Kim Kissack told the Kern Valley Sun about the upcoming 60-year anniversary of the Kissack Ranch Easter Egg Hunt event, in Lake Isabella, Easter Sunday at 1pm.

The annual event is a long held family tradition, not only for the Kissack family, but also for the entire Kern River Valley community. Admission to the event is totally free to those attending.

“Hopefully we have nice weather,” Kissack said. “At 1pm, everyone in the community is welcome. There will be lots of prizes.”

Typically everyone gets a prize, even if they don’t find a prize egg, according to Kissack. The event usually holds some bigger prizes too, such as bicycles, and water pistols.  The organizers are also hoping for a guest appearance from the Easter Bunny again this year. 

Younger kids participate on one side or field, and older children on another field, making the event fair for the younger kids to compete.  

“Everybody come out and enjoy the day and get some prizes,” Kissack said.  “Of course as always Mountain Mesa Market donates the eggs. And they have for years so we really appreciate that.” 

Most the 120 dozen boiled eggs are marked.  However the event often has plastic eggs also. Prizes are designated according to what markers are on the eggs.

Kissack said her cousin Angie Price is currently the person organizing the annual event along with the original Kissack sibling’s families, the grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

According to Lynda Kissack-Watkins, the event began around 1964, when the South Lake Property Owners Association organized an Easter Egg Hunt, behind the bowling alley on McRay Road.  The Kissack Ranch began taking over the Easter Egg Hunt probably around 1970, she said.  

“Generation after generation of young people who have grown up in the valley have come back again with their children and grandchildren. It’s an awesome thing. It was a big family deal. We were very lucky that we were able to do that,”  Kissack-Watkins said.  “It’s fun to see all the kids come with their Easter baskets.” 

Typically 200 or more participants come to these events annually.