Kernville Chamber announces contest winners

By Catherine Stachowiak

The Kernville Chamber of Commerce held Whiskey Flat Days, Presidents Day weekend this year, as is tradition.

President of the Kernville chamber, Orion Sanders said, “Kernville had a great weekend and all the events went off well. We had very few issues with anybody around town.”

In the Costume Contest for the weekend, there were categories for women, men, and children.

The winner of the Pioneer Woman category during the Costume Contest at Whiskey Flat Days was Cody Bonordew of Weldon.  The winner of the Authentic Woman category was Erin Woodward of Kernville.

The winners of the Authentic Man category were Jeff Evans of Kernville and Steve Eckles of Wofford Heights.

The Child Costume Contest Winners were Juniper Harris of Mt. Mesa, Hazel Verreras of Wofford Heights, Kenzie Jane Smith of Mt. Mesa, Levi Harris of Mt. Mesa, Jameson Neill of Lake Isabella, Greyson Trujillo of Lake Isabella, and Morgan Lobre of Kernville.

The chamber also held a beard contest, they titled the “Whiskerino Contest.” The winner of the Longest Beard category was Justin Ebenhoe of Bakersfield. The winner of the Bushiest Beard category was Sam Collier of Bakersfield.  The winner of the Longest Mustache category was Mike Mollenauer of Weldon.  The winner of the Bushiest Mustache category was Anthony Cleveland of Weldon.

As in previous years the events also included Pet Contest Winners.

The dogs winning Best Costume in the Large Breed category was Bella Lu accompanied by Bruce of Bakersfield and Libby-Annie Oakley, accompanied by Sally of Wofford Heights.  The winner of the Best Costume Small Breed category was Bella Bunny of Lake Isabella.

Tara Overall of the Kernville Chamber of Commerce said she was thankful to those participating.