Fire department gives update on arson investigation

Photo by Patrick Ray

By Catherine Stachowiak and Patrick Ray

Kern County Fire Department firefighters arrived at the structure of 2200 Young Avenue, in Lake Isabella, Thursday April 18, according to Kern County Fire Department’s public information officer, Andrew Freeborn who sent the Kern Valley Sun a current update to the department’s arson investigation, on Friday May 3. 

Officers risked their own safety to put out the fire April 18, and to explore the residence and make sure no persons were inside.  

Later Kern Valley Sun photojournalist, and web manager, Patrick Ray met individuals claiming to be legitimate tenants, as they came to attain their belongings from the burnt out structure.  Tenants claimed they were not squatters, as the owner of the structure, who contacted the Kern Valley Sun, has claimed.  

The current results of the investigation are below in Freeborn’s email.

The investigation appears to be on going as Freeborn has stated that if members of the public have any additional information the department encourages people to report it to Freeborn.

Date: 4/18/2024

Time: 18:36

Location: 2200 Young Ave

Cause: Undetermined

INC# 2416166

Units on Scene: E71,E72, E76, CREW79, BATT7

Narrative: Kern County firefighters were dispatched to a structure fire, as dispatchers were receiving multiple reports of a structure fire. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a single-wide mobile-home with smoke showing from the rear of the structure and from the swamp cooler on the roof. A high victim profile was announced and E-72 assumed “Young Command.” Firefighter 72 extended a hose down the “Bravo” side of the structure to the “Charlie” side of structure, where smoke was heaviest. The Captain performed a 360 walkaround the structure and notified Batt 7 of a transitional attack, the strategy of applying water from the exterior before entering. There was fire showing from the bedroom window on the “Charlie Delta” corner and FF 72 was directed to put his hose stream through the window. The Captain was unable to make contact with any residents or witnesses to verify that the structure was unoccupied, this combined with a vehicle in the driveway lead the Captain to enter the structure with his firefighter before backup arrived. Captain 72 and Firefighter 72 made a primary search of the residence utilizing the Thermal Imaging Camera, while simultaneously attacking the seat of the fire in the bedroom in the rear of the home. A primary all clear was determined from the search was and reported to Batt 7 (IC) as well as a knockdown of the fire. The cause of the fire is unknown. If members of the public have additional information about the incident they are encouraged to call 1(877) 347-3847.

Andrew Freeborn

KCFD Public Information Officer