District superintendent gives report and board meeting

Photo and Story by Catherine Stachowiak

During the superintendent’s report at the Kernville Union School District board meeting Dr. Martinez spoke regarding the district’s local attendance records.  

Martinez said that regarding student engagement, district wide, the attendance rate of the district is sitting just under 90% at exactly 89.81%. 

“Kernville (Elementary) is leading the way with 92% attendance. Followed by Wallace Elementary School and Wallace Middle School at 89%.  Last year we ended the year at 87.85%, so we’re still a little bit above what we were when we ended last year, but there’s still plenty of room for growth,” said Martinez.

The chronic absenteeism rate of the district is 37%, which ended last year at 46%. “Still room for growth but making some progress,” he said. 

The suspension rate of the district is 3.31%. Last year the suspension rate was at 5.45% “

“I’m really proud of all of our staff and how dedicated and devoted they are,” he said. 

Engagement activities the district has held included site council meetings, parent teacher conferences, literacy nights, safety committee meetings, and advisory committee meetings.