Art association invites public to Dollar Mania like local Chinese Auction 

Photo courtesy of KRVAA Story by Catherine Stachowiak

On April 6, at 5pm the newest Dollar Mania auction event begins with a social hour at the Elks Lodge, in Wofford Heights. 

The photo is just a sneak peek of the art, which the Kern River Valley Art Association (KRVAA) promises to avail for auction at its very first Dollar Mania event.  

The auction begins at 6pm after the social hour, with tiny snack foods and a bar available for beverage purchases.

“It is not a traditional auction,” said Robin Harmon, promotional director for the KRVAA.  “When you think of an auction, you think it’s going to cost you a lot of money. But that’s not what this is about.”

According to Harmon those attending are going to walk in, buy paintbrushes, put a dollar in a basket. Bidders can win an art piece for a fraction of the price.  “It all depends whether your lucky number comes up in the ball roll.  If that’s your number you win,” said Harmon.  “If you’re sitting at a table with someone you know, you can team up to try and get an item for the person at your table.”

The more people that go to the limited seating event, the better the dollars add up to help the Art Center serve the overall community.

“It’s a fun night without spending a lot of money,” she said. “This is not your typical auction. Bring your $1 bills and you can walk away with a nice piece of art. And it gets competitive.”

Harmon said those winning can re-auction the item they won.  No one will bid on every item. Some items will not be bid on. The cost for the fundraiser is $10 per seat

“We’re a non profit so all the money goes back into the community.” Harmon said the event would be similar to the Women’s Club’s Chinese Auction.

Even those who don’t need art for their own homes could attain something for an upcoming birthday gift, house warming, white elephant, or holiday, explained Harmon.