Upcoming encampment workday provides new trail

Board member Gary Ananian tells Kernville Chamber about new Encampment trail he’s working on

Photos and Story by Catherine Stachowiak 

During the March Kernville Chamber of Commerce Meeting, members heard about an upcoming workday, which is already fully armed with volunteers.

Saturday, May 4 Gary Ananian, who has volunteered, previously, helping restore the encampment, is holding a Whiskey Flat Encampment workday; he already lined up workers to fulfill.

“We’re going to start building the trail that was washed out. So I have 20 people, so far, coming from the Armed Forces Initiative, which is an active veterans organization out of China Lake, who are coming here for a weekend, and they’re dedicating one day for a work project day,” he said. “The Forest Service wouldn’t give them anything, so I said, ‘come on over.  I can keep you guys busy for a whole day.”

President of the chamber Orion Sanders asked if Ananian needed to use the tractor or any heavy equipment the chamber could make available.

Ananian said he had all the smaller tools and equipment, which they bought earlier, to use for the project. He did not foresee needing any heavy equipment. 

“We’re just moving little rocks to make a new pathway,” he said he plans to re-map the whole area where he intends to put the new trail. “It’s definitely going on the other side of the boulders, so that if water came back up, it wouldn’t affect the trail this time.”