Tiffani Rae Hedges

12/25/67 – 01/12/24

Tiffani Rae Hedges was born on Christmas day of 1967 the third oldest of 4 siblings and the perfect present for the proud parents John and Karen Hedges at Torrance Memorial Hospital in Torrance CA. 

Tiffani grew up in the Kern River Valley attending South Fork School Elementary and Junior High and going on to Kern Valley High School graduating in 1986. 

In 1991 Tiffani had her first love of her life her son Jared Hedges. And her second love of her life her son Branden Sherman in 1995.

Tiffani was a very special and unique woman one who truly lived her life,  she was a very blunt person who expressed her feelings as well as both what and how she thought. A truer form of honesty has not been expressed in an individual.  

Tiffani had a tremendous love for butterflies, antiques,  perfumes, oddities, and horror movies. She also loved to gamble and have a good time.

Her most proudest possessions though were her grandchildren.  Nothing in this life made her happier than spending time with them. 

Tiffani developed congestive heart failure and after a long hard battle with it, passed away peacefully in her home on January 12th surrounded by her family and friends. Tiffani is preceded in death by her Oma Katie and grandpa Walter Hedges. She is survived by her father and mother John and Karen Hedges, brother John (Chopper) Hedges, sisters Sherry and Mishi Hedges, sons Jared Hedges and Branden Sherman, grandchildren Brady, Karson, and Adilyn Sherman, nieces, nephews, and great nieces and nephews. 

Tiffani will truly be loved and missed by all who knew her. Services for Tiffani will be held on Sat May 4th and 11:00 am at The Square, home of Triplefect church at 20 Panorama dr Wofford Heights Ca.