State water board deems new Weldon water-well project safe  

By Catherine Stachowiak

Soon long Canyon Water Company would be implementing new wells, with help from

Proposition 1 funding, coming through the Integrated Regional Water Management program.  The location of the first well, west of Fay Ranch Road, off the 178, is the construction site planned to provide extra footage of water per year to the community.

The well currently under construction is the first of two planned to be finished by the end of the year.

Drinking water is supposed to be vastly improved to residents through the five consolidated water companies, which include Bella Vista, Lake Isabella KOA, Long Canyon, Rainbird Valley, and Tradewinds.  These are the companies operating at Weldon

within the Weldon Regional Water District.  

Tradewinds, according to the California State Water Resources Control Board (CSWRCB) determined not to participate in connection to the region project. The board thereafter could allow Tradewinds to connect, should they reverse their decision, not to come on board.

Some wells in Weldon have had histories of higher nitrate and uranium levels. Officials tied to the project are claiming the project would be safer, addressing these issues.

The Drinking Water Division, of the State Water Board, claims the water district is forming and that uniting would create long-term sustainability.  The system has higher capacity, lessening the chances for a water outage. 

The plans for newer infrastructure that forms Weldon Regional Water District includes two new wells and two 750,000 gallon capacity reservoirs.  This plan according to sanitary engineers would bring the new water source connecting some already existing systems.

Find out more from local news reporter Corey O’Leary of ABC23 who broke this story at the link below.