Sophomores awarded for performance

President of the Kern Valley Exchange Club John Blythe (middle) awarded students Aeden Quezada (left) and Elli Jeans (right) for their hard work.

Photos and story by CATHERINE STACHOWIAK

The Kern Valley Exchange Club held a luncheon, Thursday February 8, at Paradise Cove Lodge to award sophomores from Kern Valley High School for their stellar performance during the semester.

Coach Bill Gallis, who has worked at Kern Valley High School for 11 years, accompanied the students because principal Alan Paradise was blocked from attending by the closure of SR 178.  Gallis thanked the exchange club for hosting the high school students.

The two students awarded sophomore of the Month, that day were Elli Jeans and Aeden Quezada.

Gallis said Jeans was one of the top students in her class. “She’s an outstanding student, smart,” said Gallis.  “She plays basketball and on the court she is a fierce competitor and very good for the basketball team.”

“I’m a sophomore in high school. I play varsity volleyball, basketball, and softball. I’m involved in my schools honors GATE program. And I’m very thankful for the opportunities my school has given me,” said Jeans.  “I want to thank my family for everything they do. ”  

Jeans’ goals are to go to college, possibly on the east coast, and she’s thinking she may go to law school.

Gillis told the group that Aeden is a polite conscientious student and a great basketball and baseball player.  “He’s a terrific student,” the coach said.

Quezada is a sophomore at KV high school and in GATE classes. “I look forward to going to college,” the student said. “I’d like to thank my family for being here.”  

Quezada is considering studying engineering or possibly architectural engineering.  

He prefers baseball and plays shortstop and second base.

The club awarded both students certificates for being Sophomore of the Month and monetary contributions toward their education. 

“Congratulations to both of you,” the president of the Kern Valley Exchange Club John Blythe said.