School district swears in new trustee and awards students

Superintendent of the Kernville Union School District, Steve Martinez (right) administered the Oath of Office for Bill Stonebarger (left) the provisionally appointed trustee.

Photo and story by Catherine Stachowiak

At the Kernville Union School District, Board of Trustees meeting, Tuesday February 13, the newly appointed trustee Bill Stonebarger was sworn into the recently vacant trustee position on the board.  

Superintendent of the district, Steve Martinez administered the Oath of Office that evening, to the provisionally appointed trustee.

The former trustee leaving a vacancy was Gregory Davis, who submitted his resignation to the district board of trustees effective December 31, 2023. The board conducted interviews February 7, during the selection process, for a new trustee.  

The selection process, through which the board made its decision, was based on why the candidate was interested in serving, what qualities and experience the potential appointee brought to the table, and what issues the person thought were important to the district.  

The district made the appointment according to the legal expectations of the California Education Code.

During the meeting the district recognized the PBIS Students of the Month. The four students awarded for their diligence were Toni Smith, Raelyn Spaulding, Emma Alfred, and Addison Kirby.

Miss Halsell said about the student, Toni Smith, “Toni is an exceptional person, she is nothing short of helpful.” Halsell said Smith is polite, responsible and shows impressive leadership skills to her peers.

Miss Hacker said about student Raelyn Spaulding, that Spaulding is “a spunky inquisitive student.”  She is a leader and looks for the best in her classmates.  

Mr. LaFarga said about student Emma Alfred, “She’s a model student for her peers.” Alfred can be counted on to set the example, for her classmates, according to LaFarga.

Mr. Bernal wrote about student Addison Kirby that she, “is always considerate of others, on task, a leader and teachable.”