Re-elect Peters District 1 Supervisor

Phillip Peters was elected to the Kern County Board of Supervisors for District 1 in March 2020. He will be seeking to retain this position in the upcoming election.

Peters learned the ropes of his office from his mentor and former First District Supervisor Mick Gleason while employed as his chief administrator.

Since he took over the reins from Gleason, Peters continued to build on his previous successors’ tutoring and grow his knowledge and comprehension of the unique challenges of countywide issues.

He has served on numerous boards including his position as chairman of the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority.

Peters has been the guest speaker on numerous occasions for local civic organizations and clubs. During his passionate speeches about the challenges and issues found on the front burner of Kern County, he has been vocal about the need for transparency at all levels as well as his view on burdensome regulations that prevent vital growth in business.

His vast knowledge of the military and aerospace industries, agriculture, oil and water system are key factors in keeping him our First District Supervisor.

The only drawback he may have is not spending more time in Ridgecrest and surrounding areas. We have noticed an improvement on this concern and feel Peters will continue to put his best foot forward.

The Daily Independent urges you to vote Peters for Supervisor to continue to serve our needs.

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