Presidents Message

Hello Kern River Valley,

April is here and spring is upon us, this past weekend we had a little bit of rain which will ensure May flowers in our valleys canyons and mountains.  It also means our property is going to have a strong bloom on grass and weeds which we will need to address as well before the June clearance deadline.

I want to congratulate the team of volunteers who put together this year’s Isabella Lake Fishing Derby, from the fish feeders to the over worked derby headquarters volunteers.  We have an amazing group of people in this valley who enjoy promoting the Kern River Valley as they share our knowledge with our visitors. 

The highlight of the derby was Mr. Jason Sage catching a $5,000 trout along with a great story behind the catch which we hope you read in last week’s edition of the Kern Valley Sun.  During the three days of derby, the derby team gave away a little over $31,000 to the lucky anglers who caught tagged trout along with the drawing items handed out on the last day of derby.  Congratulations to all the winners from the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

We are happy to let everyone know our Bingo Bonanza is returning on May 4, 2024 which will be held at the senior center in Lake Isabella.  Stay tuned for times and highlights of the upcoming event.

For our business members, a number of changes were implemented from Sacramento which effects every small business within the great State of California. One specific law is every employer must get set up with Cal Savers regardless of the number of employees you have. This law impact your employee or employees regarding their choice to choose for future savings options, your chamber is working to have a seminar for our business owners to learn about the new laws and share how they are implementing the changes which took effect three months ago.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time reading this post, please remember your chamber of commerce is here to support you.  Please reach out if we can assist in anyway.

Thank you

Fred Clark