President’s Message

By: Fred Clark

Hello Kern River Valley,

It is amazing how fast this year is passing by and the difficult times all of us have had to encounter. A few weeks back the Chamber was forced to make an unwanted decision which was to cancel this year’s fireworks event over the lake, it is not the outcome we were hoping for but was required by us with the COVID-19 still in full swing.

In just the last two weeks many of our local businesses have been allowed to reopen but it is in no way business as it used to be, our restaurants have limited seating capacities while their people work harder than ever to serve you and keep you safe.

Finally, our hair salons will be allowed to open and for those of us who need it we can lose the large overgrowth on our heads.

But on the serious side, our valley has been blessed with only two cases of COVID-19 to date and those individuals have fully recovered. Let us all do our part in supporting our local businesses who have stayed open for you during these trying times, every one of those employees were there because it was their job and we, in turn, should be supportive of everything they do.

In just the past five months we have enjoyed New Year’s Eve, seen all professional, as well as regional youth sports, delayed or canceled, high school seniors being robbed of their graduation glory along with watching so much of our daily routines to be removed from us by a virus, we have no control of.

As life begins to return to semi-normal pace let’s remember one item, we live in a fantastic valley with fantastic people so please be kind and lend a hand as that is what all of us do best.

The Kern River Valley has multiple volunteer groups or organizations that do so much work behind the scenes, those actions directly benefit our valley and its residents. If you have the time and ability please consider joining one of them, they could always use additional people.

One final note, as we head into the summer months get those air conditioners and evaporative coolers ready to go, as we have already seen our first one-hundred-degree heatwave.

Please stay safe,

Fred Clark