KVHD board decides committee assignments

The Kern Valley Healthcare District board of directors agreed Thursday on the new committee assignments for the Board of Directors. The positions on the committees are the board voted on where in agreement with the suggestions of Katheryn Elconin 

Elconin said, “I want to thank everybody for being able to chair this board

 but also to accept the responsibility of the positions on the committees. I’ve seen you

guys work together before. We’re a good team.” she said, “I expect to see good things this year. And I’m excited about that.”

Board member Ross Elliott motioned accepting the suggestions and the entire board voted in agreement to these committee assignments.

Monthly meetings committee assignments:

1.) Board personnel and policy committee Fred Clark and Ross Elliott with Clark chairing.

2,) Finance Committee with John Blythe and Gene Parks with Blythe chairing.

3.) Building and planning committee the full board will be part of with Catherine will be Chairing.

Quarterly meetings committee assignments:  

4. ) Governance Committee Catherine and Fred Clark with Catherine Chairing

5.) The Compliance Committee with Catherine and Ross Elliott with Catherine Chairing.

6.) The med quality council with John Blythe and Gene Parks with Dr. Finstad chairing the committee.