Heritage Foundation celebrates at Hanning Flat

Participants gather around before the hike up Bootlegger Canyon. Photos by Patrick Ray

Story by Catherine Stachowiak 

John Schmitt shows the different postures the owls take to participants.

The Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation invited friends to their Open House at Hanning Flat, which the foundation held, on Saturday April 20.

There the foundation celebrated spring with the green hills and wildflowers burgeoning.

Participants enjoyed the beauty and natural history of Hanning Flat all day long. 

The Kern Valley Sun joined in on a guided hiking tour up Bootlegger Canyon, where everyone the group had a picnic lunch, and was allowed to wander around at leisure.

Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation board members were on hand to greet the public and answer questions about the foundation and the tour.

The earliest speaker was John Schmitt who gave a brief presentation on burrowing owls and had a spotting scope setup for viewing.

Visitors were welcome to turn around, at any point in the journey during the guided tour, as long as it was before 2:30 pm when the gates were locked, ending the celebration.