Golf is back and Broncs set to tee up

By Mike Blake

There was a time that Kern Valley High School golfers tee’d it up in competition, but with the closure of Kern Valley Golf Course in 2018, the KV golfing program was discontinued. Thanks to local benefactors and a focus on bringing the sports back to the school athletics program, golf is back.

Scott Tedrow, the Broncs’ varsity football coach, is spearheading the effort as serves as gold coach. “This is our first golf team at KVHS since 2018, Tedrow said. “The program shut down with the closure of our local golf course. Our program is back up and running and we e practice a couple of days a week on campus using driving mats, nets, and a portable green. We also practice one day a week at the Kern River Golf Course in Bakersfield or at Tierra Del Sol Golf Club in Cal City. We play matches on Wednesdays. Tierra Del Sol is our home course this season and is where we will host our home matches.”

The program got the boost it needed when Tedrow ran an ad on social media asking for donations to help re-start the program. “The response from our local community was amazing,” Tedrow said. “Within two days, we had donations of new clubs, used clubs, bags, golf balls, and other assorted gear and accessories. One person purchased and donated six brand new sets of clubs, while several others donated used sets of clubs and bags in perfect condition. Still another benefactor donated multiple golf bags and assorted clubs in his son’s name, KVHS alumni and former golf team member John Funk, KVHS Class of 1993.”

Tedrow, who earned his golfing chops playing in the 1980s while serving in the United States Air Force, played in many tournaments in the 1990s and early 2000s. “I continue to play now just for the love of the game,” he said, “and I want to pass that love for the sport on to this generation of Broncs.” 

Understandably, there are obstacles to restarting a program. Tedrow said the major challenges this year include getting clubs and gear to restart the program, finding locations to practice, and a home course. “My goal this season is to get the program restarted and moving in the right direction, and to hopefully get more kids in the Kern River Valley interested in the game of golf,” Tedrow said.

As the first KVHS golf team to play in this decade, starting a team from scratch meant filling it with raw players. “We have a few kids with a little experience,” Tedrow said, “but most of our golfers are brand new to the sport. Our team is made up of six boys and three girls, and all matches in the High Desert League are co-ed.”

Tedrow’s goals for the team’s first season back involve instilling in the tram knowledge of and passi0n for the game. “My goals for all of our players this season are to learn the fundamentals and rules of the game, develop a consistent and fundamentally sound golf swing, learn proper club selection, course rules and etiquette, and hopefully a lifelong love for the game.”

Kern Valley High School officially rejoins the competitive golfing world with a match against Cal City, on February 28 at noon. Their second match of the season pita the broncs against Desert, March 6 at noon.