Goat farm brings mobile petting zoo

Photos and story by Catherine Stachowiak

Special presenter and owner and founder, Amanda of Golden Meadow Farm, which has been in operation since 2016 brought goats and a rabbit from her farm to the Kern River Valley Branch Library Tuesday, June 18.

“I’ve had goats my entire life. These little guys are called Nigerian Dwarf goats. 

They stay small because they are miniature goats. These are baby goats,” Amanda said, “We do birthday parties and events. And we take them to old folks homes. We take them to hospitals so they’re therapy goats as well.”  

The bunny was considered the group’s security guard. 

Four of the goats were only a month old.  The other two were only four months old.  

The farming business usually brings a chicken with them, however the chicken doesn’t do well in the heat, and was retired for the summer.

 Eight kids were let in the pin, at one time, to pet the goats and bunny.  They were allowed as many times petting the animals, as they wanted, though the kids had to take turns petting in the pin.