Firefighters train at water 

Kernville Fire Station’s Captain Zac Boyd

Photos and story by Catherine Stachowiak

Late Wednesday morning, June 12, trainees from one of the Kern County Fire Department’s firefighter academies trained down at the Kern River, in Riverside Park.

Kernville Fire Station’s Captain Zac Boyd told the Kern Valley Sun, “This is half of one of our fire academies.  So we’ve got 22 recruits.  They’re going through their basic swift water-training course that Kern County Firefighters receive, because in the 8,000 or so square miles of the county, we don’t just have the Kern River.  We’ve got canals, we have lakes, we have the occasional flooding.  So we make sure that our folks are trained to help the public whenever the call comes in.”

Some of Kern County Fire Department’s fire academy recruits