Encampment workdays provide new trail

Volunteer Bobby Alvarez 

Photos and Story by Catherine Stachowiak

The washed out part of the path

Volunteers came to Kernville, Saturday May 4, to a rebuild a washed out pathway at the Whiskey Flat Days encampment area.

Gary Ananian of the Kernville Chamber of Commerce board organized this project in order to better locate the path, preventing further washouts. 

One week a group of Boy Scouts came to help build the path. Another week a group from Camp Erwin Owen came to help also, according to Bobby Alvarez who was also helping with the project that day.   

Ananian told the chamber, “We’re going to start building the trail that was washed out. I have people coming from the Armed Forces Initiative, which is an active veterans organization out of China Lake, who are coming here for a weekend, and they’re dedicating one day for a work project day.  We’re just moving little rocks to make a new pathway.”

A group of volunteers worked on clearing and rebuilding the path

Ananian re-mapped the whole area where he intended to put the new trail. He said, “It’s definitely going on the other side of the boulders, so that if water came back up, it wouldn’t affect the trail this time.”   

Alvarez showed the Kern Valley Sun, Saturday, where much of the trail was previously washed out and much of the gravel along the trail.  She said volunteers would eventually add resting benches and more plant life along side the trail.