County holds local recruitment event

Michelle Hernandez Human Resources Analyst(left) with Cassandra Ramirez (middle) talent recruiter and Tiffany Nacke, (right) talent recruiter for the public safety team, with the Kern County HR office

Photo and Story by Catherine Stachowiak

The County of Kern was in hiring mode in Lake Isabella this past week.  On Monday April 1, at the Kern River Valley Veterans Center, the Kern County Human Resources (HR) office held a recruitment event.

The specific office holding the event is a team, which holds all public safety recruitments.  

“Our team does all the public safety recruiting. That covers fire, probation, the DA’s office and then Sheriff,” said Tiffany Nacke, one of the talent recruiters for the public safety team, with the Kern County HR office.  

The team made available, at the event, information on the sworn positions, their deputy detentions, and then the deputy sheriff training, along with several civilian positions. 

“Most of the positions are going to be down in the Bakersfield area.  The deputy positions will be anywhere in the county they are needed,” she said.

That day her team provided the opportunity for locals to take the Pellet B testing, their team administered.  The test was the entree level law enforcement exam for the deputy sheriff training position. 

“Anybody that comes in and has the time we’ll proctor that exam for them, “said Nacke.

Civilian positions the county was offering included Morgue Supervisor, Sheriff’s Records Specialist, Sheriff’s Records Supervisor, Sheriff’s Records Unit Supervisor, Sheriff’s Dispatcher I, Network System Administrator, and Systems Analyst I. 

For more information on this topic contact [email protected] or  call (661) 868-3157.

The county was also recruiting to fill the detentions deputy trainee position, which required a GED or high school diploma and valid California driver’s license.  A $15,000 hiring bonus was a perk for that career option.  See for further information.

The positions all included health benefits, generous vacation and sick leave, and defined retirement plans.