Chamber provides Whiskey Flat Days mayor campaign totals

By Catherine Stachowiak

The Kern Valley Sun requested Tuesday, February 20, that Kernville Chamber of Commerce board director Gary Ananian present to the press the dollar amounts, which mayor candidates raised, during their fundraisers.  

River Rat Ryan and Deputy Dillinger Doug, who won the mayor slot for Whiskey Flat Days 2024, raised  $42,271 for the youth club COEP at Kern County Youth Detention and Camp Erwin Owen. The youth in the club are learning positive environmental stewardship values and encouraged to serve the community with good deeds.  

Coming in second place for their fundraising amounts was the team Powder Packin’ Powers and Mad Miner Zuber, who raised $8946.36 for the Sierra Shared Spaces plan for a community hub to improve the local economy in the Kern Valley. The plan would also avail shared spaces to nonprofit organizations in the community.   

Galloping Gomez raised $4,074 for his cause, to use the acreage of his native people, the Tubatulabal Tribe, which needs to be assessed, for educating the external community about native people, through outdoor activities like fishing camps and hiking events and to attain federal recognition for his tribe.  

The Grand total of funds raised for all of these mayoral candidate causes was $55,291.36.

Although the campaign for Mayor of Whiskey Flat Days is over, these causes are still available for the public to assist with.