Bronc Booosters to hold reverse raffle fundraiser, ticket sales now


One of the biggest fundraisers that the Kern Valley High School Bronc Boosters have all year is their annual Reverse Raffle fundraiser.

Board member for Bronc Boosters, Reyanna Santos told the Kern Valley Sun, Wednesday March 6, that the board is currently selling tickets for the affair.

Santos said, “Our big event is the Reverse Raffle, at the end of the year. So this year it’s on May 18th at 5pm at the Senior Center.”

The donation tickets are $120, for two people, which includes a full steak dinner.  

“That ticket that you purchase also is a ticket to put in for cash prizes that are up to $5,000,” she said.  “However we have a verbal auction and a silent auction.”

Santos explained that local businesses and individuals would be donating all the products at the event.  Examples of previous auction items included custom made themed wreaths, artistic sculptures, and athlete-signed souvenir baseballs.  Retail packages up for auction previously included a dental treatment, a gym membership, and an attorney will and trust package.  There will also be door prizes at the event and a bar.

Reverse Raffle tickets may be purchased at Kern Valley High School, or from Bronc Boosters board members Reyanna Santos, Janet Lubin and Tiffany Robertson, Lisa Sietsma, and Kathy Liske. 

“We’re raising money supporting the Kern Valley High School athletes. And we also raise money for scholarships for them.  And a lot of the athletes can apply for scholarships from us and to fill different needs they have.  It’s also for seniors

that are college bound. They can apply for a request from the boosters for a scholarship.” 

Ticket sales for this event close before mid-May. 

“Bronc Booosters, we raise money for the bulk of students’ needs,” Santos said.