Art association to hold Dollar Mania event


Courtesy of Kern River Valley Art Association

The Dollar Mania art auction, in Wofford Heights, April 6, promises to be fun according to Kern River Valley Art Association (KRVAA) board members. 

The association invites the public to bring $1 bills for the opportunity to buy art in the hybrid auction, at the Kern River Valley Elks Lodge, 6708 Wofford Blvd, Wofford Heights. 

The event will not be a raffle or a drawing.  “It’s our first Dollar Mania art auction. And it’s a fundraiser for the KRVAA,” board member for the association, Robin Harmon said. 

The KRVAA has a variety of things available for auction, including everything from jewelry, to paintings, and pottery.  “There’s just a wide variety of artwork that’s available,” Harmon said.  “Bring your mad money and come and have fun.”

Doors will open for the event at 5pm, which begins the social hour before the big auction, with snacks. Drinks would be available to purchase, from the bar, during the event.

Following the 5pm to 6pm social hour, at 6pm, instructions for the auction are to begin.  

“This is a lot of fun. Be ready to have a good time, and a lot of laughs,” Harmon said.

Reservations are available immediately at $10 per seat with limited seating. Call or visit the art association for your reservation at 6749 Wofford Blvd, Wofford Heights, (760) 478-0077.  The public is also invited reserve seats at the KRVAA website.  The reservations available are first come – first serve.

“Come support your local non profit,” Christopher Buffalo Folsom, president of the KRVAA, said. “It is not a raffle; not a drawing either. We’ll have $1 bills to exchange.”