Writing Out Loud: THE EXODUS OF 2020

By George Stahl

For what seems like from the beginning of time, there have been reports of masses of people leaving one place to flee to another. It usually involves some sort of ‘enough is enough’ attitude towards an oppressive leader or a government that has been repressing its people.

The story of one of the most famous exoduses, which involved an Egyptian king, an old guy with the ear of God, and about 2.5 million people, most of them slaves wandering around a desert for 40 years. There were other exoduses after this, but one that stands out, happened 80 years ago. It was in Spain and involved the people, the oppressive tyrant leaders, concentration camps, racism and a battle of egos. Some 450,000 people walked from Madrid to Valencia, through Barcelona to Girona and Figueres until reaching the French border.

Some of what contributed to this massive undertaking was the indecisiveness of the Spanish government. Which side were they going to be on, and which was going to be best for the people, and the country? How could they possibly come to some sort of an agreement? Were they going to let an intimidating force control them, or were they going to look around, see the hurt the people were in, and decide to follow what was in their best interest?

Well, history says they chose poorly. 450,000 displaced Spaniards were floundering in France while their government still bickered, and no one was there to advocate for them. Unlike those former slaves of Egypt, they had no one to direct them, protect them, and to fight for them.

Remember, that was 80 years ago, things have changed, and things are different now. Right? Well, how many days were we without a government? It was 37 days. How many government workers went without pay? Over 820,000. That’s 370, 000 more than who left Spain for France, and just 1.6 million less than left Egypt over 3,000 years ago. Learn? Different? Are these really words that can be used to describe man’s increase of knowledge? Ask one of those 820,00 federal employees who are no longer making ends meet, but are playing catch up and are lucky if they can even see both ends at the same time anymore. A mass exodus could be in order. A migration of epic proportions, across the border. Imagine, 820,000 federal workers, their families, and belongings trekking up the highways, byways, and fields, and trails. Walking through forests, over mountains and valleys. To where? Not south, they’d only hit a wall that way. No, they would have to go north. The promised land of Canada. Like the Spaniards, these people making their American exodus would be seeking a new world in the French-Canadian country.

The alternative, of course, is a government that sees the need to settle, to come to an agreement and to decide to be the government they were meant to be. The one that the people who established it called the government for the people, and by the people. Not the one that throws tantrums, smashes their fists on the table and says… “Make me,” and proceeds to call one another names, stick out their tongues at each other and says “I know you are, but what am I?”

Childish? Yes, it would be if they were children. It would be if lives were not at stake, and it would be if the whole world weren’t watching as our government throw its dirty laundry on the front lawn for the whole neighborhood to see. Ladies and gentlemen of the government, ‘enough is enough,’ get your act together, get these people’s lives back and get your egos in check. Stop trying to pull the sheep skins over our eyes, it’s getting old. You are getting old, and believe it or not, the more you talk, the less intelligent you sound and the more we say, get over yourselves and do your jobs. If not, maybe you should be making plans for your exodus. Any further ridiculous spoiled brat like actions will not be tolerated. You forget that you only have your jobs because of the will of the people, and, unfortunately, in some cases, the will of big money.

Remember everyone, especially you 820,000 Federal employees, the year 2020 is an election year. All 435 seats in the House and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate are up for grabs. You all know what to do. Just fill in one of those oblong boxes on the ballot, either above or below the name you want to see make an exodus. Despite how irresponsible those people in office are, the government is still in place, we just have to start using it again.

Shutdowns like this happen all too often. The people in those chairs have gotten out of control. Their jobs are just that, jobs. And jobs can be given and jobs can be taken away. We are the power, not the bureaucrats in Washington. It’s time that they are reminded of that, before an absurd abuse like the past 37 days can happen again. It was inexcusable, unacceptable and intolerable.

Everyone involved should be held accountable, and it is disgraceful how so many have come forward claiming that they put an end to it. You should not have to put an end to something that should never had been allowed to happen in the first place. In those 37 days, government has been a disgrace; change it now, or start planning your exodus for 2020.