By George Stahl

We are 1 month and 5 days into spring. Do you feel it? In that time, we celebrated over 30 spiritual holidays from over 10 different religions, each of them commemorating a great achievement or miracle. The majority of them celebrate the human condition as it relates to or relies on a deity from a different part of the world. All of them have one thing in common: the celebration of life. Either new, or reconstructed, or even resurrected, each of them bringing man closer to nature or to the god of their choice, and to each other.

It’s not just the season, but it’s the idea of spring that people love. It is a time of rebirth, growth, new beginnings and new life. Spring gives us a chance for a do over as it were. It is a time to shed all of that winter baggage and get into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and flip flops. The formal garb has no place in spring. The freedom that we feel, embracing the sun, enjoying the relaxing rhythm of a spring storm and feeling the cool breeze on our face conjures up all sorts of imaginations.

Spring is a time for reunions as well, maybe with a relative, a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, or even a person whom you thought you would never see again. When you see that person and say hello, all of those years that happened by and between this day, are gone, or at least in the back seat or even further back, in the trunk. The two of you seem to be able to just pick up the conversation where you left off, all those times ago.

It’s also a time for Spring Chickens and Young Bucks to get to know each other better. There’s even a day set aside for this, but we can’t talk about that in a family column. Let’s just say, that…hey stop! Really! You can’t talk about that here. Move on!

Fine, the remaining three months of spring, ending on June 20, promise to be special. Between now and then, we will be celebrating some of the most important days of the year. We will have a heartfelt moment with a woman most of us grew up, and most of us, slept with. We will celebrate a day honoring Mother Goose and her nursery rhymes. (Get your minds out of the gutter) and how her stories were like sleeping pills in our youth.

We will have to mark our calendars for a day set aside solely to honor all of the Star Wars movies, books and live action plays that have covered everything that could possibly happen in galaxies far, far away. Then, before you know it, ‘Tell a Story’ day will be here again, and will you be ready with that whooper of a tale? Maybe something from the fishing derby? Either the one that got a way, or that one that you struggled with, fought with, and took into derby headquarters only to be told that a 6-year-old girl was just in, and her fish beat your fish. Might want to stick to the ‘one that got away’ tale.

Then, we’ve got to get through all of that and on to National Honesty Day, VE day, Beauticians Day (Hi, Kim), Twilight Light Zone Day, Teacher’s Day (KUSD teachers rule), Doughnut Day (for all of you at the Substation), Best Friends’ Day, (like those 32 guys on Tuesday morning). Then, one of the biggest holidays of spring for the valley has to arguably be National Tourist Day.

All of these days make up a gambit of reasons spring is special. They, and others, will be celebrated and shared, as the wildflowers bloom, the rains come to generously water the hillsides and the weather begins to change and the coats come off, and very little replaces them.

The leaves that fell off their branches in the fall will begin to come back and take their places on the oaks around the valley. The kids will be thinking of the upcoming months after spring, and gearing up for leaving their classes well educated and prepared to take on the summer break of 2019.

The area campgrounds, hiking trails and fishing holes will be opening and accepting well-seasoned as well as amateur users. The lake will be…well, that’s going to be up to the Army Corps of Engineers more or …less. The Kern River will be sharpening its claws and teeth, getting ready to challenge anyone who dares to taunt it. Let’s try something new this year…nobody dies…right?
Regaining time, remember, we just celebrated all of those great holidays in our respective religions, and now it’s time to put into practice what they teach us. So, on that note, go out and have the safest, best, most gentle and kind spring of your lives. Watch out for each other! It’s what this is all about. Have fun, and remember, keep the valley beautiful while you enjoy your do over. See ya in the funny papers.

Happy spring!