Writing Out Loud: REBOOT

By George Stahl

Have you ever had one of those days when just everything you tried didn’t work? Nothing was going to go right no matter how hard you tried, or what you did. It was just all going to go to spit. Even what you said came out wrong, or was misunderstood by the people you talked to. Things were so bad, you couldn’t even find a hole to crawl into and hide. Even when you tried collecting your thoughts and rebooting your day, even then you couldn’t get yourself to understand what you were trying to say. Now, that’s a bad day.

We have all had them. We have all been there, and maybe you are there right now. Well, cheer up, chins up, and have heart. Help is on the way. Today is National Have a Good Day day.

Yes sir, today, no one has a bad day. Today everything will go right for you, and all of what you say will be clearly understood, and all of what you do will fall into place and have the outcome you expect. That’s a good thing, right? Let’s think about that for a minute.

Everything you say will be understood. That’s like saying, everything you say today will be the truth. “Does this dress make me look fat?” That’s a classic example of a loaded question. Answer it honestly and you may not be having such a good day for a very long time. So, if everything you say today is going to be clearly understood, you might want to really think about what you are going to say before you say it. Sometimes, not being so understood could be a good thing. Is that clear? For some of us who do not always thoroughly work out what we are going to say, and just blurt it out, it has its consequences. Do you know the sayings that you can’t unsay what you have said, or you can’t unhear what you have heard? At least if you are unclear in what you are saying, you have a chance to explain without any real upset. On the other hand, there’s no explaining away a very clear wrong thing to say. Muddy waters can be a safe haven at times, and that can make for a good day.

Today is also the day, National Have a Good Day, when whatever you endeavor to do will have the outcome you expect. So, you then need to ask yourself before you do something, what is it you want to happen? Then ask, if I do this, whatever this is, will it give me the reward or will it give me exactly what I expect will happen?

Most of the time, before we do something, we can see what it will lead to. Then, the questions is, do we do it anyway? If it is the right thing to do, the only thing to do, we should probably do it. If we can think of any other way to do it, and get a different, better result, then we should go that way. Make sense?

Some of us have no choice most of the time. Planning is not something we do. It’s not something we can do, and it’s not something we should do. It can get complicated for some of us. For us, it’s easier to just make it up as we go. Our day sort of just unfolds and we go with it. We see the day as something unpredictable and full of surprises. Not exactly a recommended way to go through the day, but one that works for us, and at times can be pretty exciting. For us, without a plan usually means that we have a relatively good day, every day. If we don’t plan on something, it can’t really go wrong because it didn’t have a direction in the first place. If we are misunderstood, that’s not our fault, it’s that people just can’t keep up with us because they’re too busy making plans for their day. If things don’t come out as we expect, we change either the way we are doing them, or what we rethink our expectations. Then, at the end of the day, we see that all is good and right with the world, sort of. Well, enough anyway to go to bed, get a good night sleep, and start over in the morning. The only plan we have is a fresh cup of coffee, and a reboot for the next day.

Then, we who do not plan things out, say a very heartfelt and grateful thank you to those of you who do. It makes our days that much better.