Writing Out Loud: In Seven Days, We Celebrate

Anticipation! It is what builds in us a sense that something really exciting is about to happen. In some instances, it can even be more exciting than the thing we are looking forward to. Our imagination has the power to magnify the significance of what we are in anticipation of, and in turn, our adrenaline begins pumping based on what we see happening in our mind’s eye. The exceptions to this made up rule can be times like Christmas, birthdays and those always sweaty palm milestones like first dates, first at bats and first day on a new job. In these cases, the imagination has nothing on the real thing. These are usually even more intense than we could imagine. When they are over and we have accomplished what we want, hitting a home run in all three situations; except for the first date one, we are usually content with just not striking out on that one; we feel a relief and sigh.

In six days, which if we dwell on it will only make the time go by slower, we will be at one of those heavily anticipated times in the year. On May 17, next Wednesday, all across America and maybe even in some other parts of the developed world, people will be celebrating one of the most underrated, underappreciated and underestimated holidays there is. It is so much so, that I’ll bet you still don’t know what I am talking about. No, it’s not Mother’s Day for those of you selfish, arrogant and self-involved children who forgot it is this coming Sunday, the 14th. Oh, you’re welcome for that subtle reminder. Although, this holiday can probably be ranked with close to the same importance of the day to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world, but it is not my place to create feelings of guilt and regret in your forgetful hearts. That’s for your mother to do.

In order to fully understand the impact of the holiday on our lives, maybe we should get a little background on the subject of our celebratory mood. First, I feel that a disclaimer of some kind is in order. In light of laws against discrimination and polarization, it is only fair, if not necessary, to state that this next Wednesday, the 17th of May, can be celebrated by all people. No matter your race, ethnicity, gender, age and religious or political beliefs. Ok, with that out of the way, it’s time to find out why it’s party time!

We all have things. Things that make us happy, things that make a job a joy and things that add to our entertainment. These things are priceless to us, maybe not to anyone else, but they are invaluable in our eyes. We do everything we can to take care of them and to make sure that they’re always within our grasp. We even go so far as to think we cannot live without them. Well, then we can even reason, if these things are so important to us, why do we just have one of them? Why not have at least two extras, just in case one gets lost, or something. Then we think, no, we know that nothing will separate us from these special things. They will always be with us…forever.

If you are of this mindset, then Wednesday is your day. Wednesday, we celebrate the things that we hold dearest, nearest and closest to our hearts. Those gadgets, gismos, and things that may not even have a name, (i.e. “Hand me that thing a maa bob, would you?”) that we have need for every five to ten years if we are lucky, that we could never part with. Yes my friends, Wednesday, May 17, is ‘National Pack Rat Day.’ It is a day when we get to look at that person who is constantly telling us to get rid of something, clean up that garage, or storage shed, and say, “Hey! Not so fast! Today is ‘National Pack Rat Day,’ and it is my constitutional right to observe it and to not throw anything out….at least not today. (Pause) Okay? (Pause again) Please.’”

Pack Rat is a derogatory name for sure. It is kind of like organized hoarding. However, if it is a recognized holiday, which it is, no one can trample on your right to celebrate it. It is your day Pack Rat (PR). You do not have to throw out the trash, because, you might throw away something valuable. Take time on this auspicious day to think up legitimate uses for the things you have.

Justification for saving can be very satisfying. The day is 24 hours long. Get up as early as possible, and go to bed as late as you can stand, because the next day, Thursday, May 18, the tables turn, and we celebrate a thing called ‘No Dirty Dishes Day.’ That rings of ‘cleaning things’ day, and the Pack Rat rebellion is over. Crushed by the chime of the midnight hour. Chin up though, Pack Ratters! You still have those glorious 24 hours to do your thing. Make the most of it, and this week, before that anticipated day, just like at Christmas time, you have seven shopping days left! Hit every yard, garage, rummage and estate sale you can. There is still time to gather stuff and pack it!
Have a very Merry Pack Rat Day!


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