Writing Out Loud: Have a Good Week

By George Stahl

Where is it all going? Just this last week alone, things happened that caused a lot of heads to shake, some to nod and even some to hang down. The state of the world as a whole, unlike the symbol of the Kentucky Derby, which was won by a horse named Always Dreaming, it’s not such a bed of roses.

A little man with a bad haircut shot his potentially massively destructive missile into the air in North Korea and this time… it didn’t explode. That got another man in Washington D.C., also with a not-so-great hair thing going on, to sit up and take notice. The second man vowed that the first would not get to play with his toys again. However, the little man with the big rocket scoffed at the other man and more or less went on with his business. By the way, the missile fired into space by the little man is capable of carrying a mega bomb, and if given a little more firing power, will be able to reach San Francisco.

This week also, the second man flexing his muscles within his own white colored house said, “You’re fired!” to the guy who was leading the FBI agency. The look of astonishment seen in his eyes at the backlash from his decision showed that he was not accustomed to having his boardroom actions questioned, let alone scrutinized. Nevertheless, he not only stood by them, but calmly defended them as not a hair in his comb over was out of place. He then showed his dissatisfaction with his Press Secretary, who may be joining the nation’s unemployed shortly.

Amazing as all of that was, on the world scene, a giant, lifeless creature invaded the shores of an Indonesian island and exploded on social media. No one seemed to be able to identify the phenomenon in any logical way. Scientists and biologists attempted to come up with an answer, but they could not agree to what this mystery was. Until it turned out to be nothing more than an unfortunate baleen whale that had suffered some unexplained fate and made its way to the island of Seram.

In what could be just as big a mystery, the country of France inaugurated its youngest President since the conquering General Napoleon Bonaparte, also in his thirties, declared himself Emperor of the French people in 1804. The other leaders of the European continent had mixed feelings about the move, but the man at odds with the missile guy saw the youngster’s appointment as an opportunity to work with fresh blood and welcomed the change.

Speaking of change, again on the home front, progress was made concerning the GOP’s need to do away with Obamacare and the nation saw an upset in its health insurance plan. Suddenly, people were finding themselves on the brink of medical treatment collapse. The POTUS and his party were scrambling to get their alternative to a national health care plan passed through the governmental powers on an increasingly opposing side of lawmakers. In other areas, the value of the U.S. dollar was at 0.88 and at the same time, consumer spending was up.

There were many other things that happened this past week, but to simply state them here would be pretty much meaningless. Recaps frankly do nothing more than tell you what has happened but do very little in offering answers for these things to be solved, and that’s okay, I guess. But what is there to do about any of them? Whether you agree with what has happened or not, they did happen. So, now what? How are any of them actually addressed, and what happens with this next week’s set of happenings? See, they come so fast that some of them are bound to fall through the cracks. Gee, how many clichés were used in that last paragraph?

Isn’t that all that this whole thing surrounding Washington is anyway? Some sort of collage of clichés and off the hip moves? A recap only serves to remind us of that. As far as the rest of the world goes, don’t sell the planet short. What they do, in some way, will have an effect on us. Remember the missile guy? Well, he claims that the rocket they tested in North Korea has the capacity to carry a nuclear warhead. Where and how far? He didn’t say. US authorities claim that the little dictator, who more or less (probably more) inherited the job from his dad, could reach the shores of San Francisco within two years. So, do we teach the kids in school the ‘duck and cover’ approach to surviving a nuclear war? It wouldn’t have worked when we were kids and it wouldn’t work now.

All we can do? Stay alert, stay informed and stay tuned. The world is moving fast and if you blink you might miss something. With the ever evolving face of social media, television news and talk shows, we have the options of real news, fake news, opinion news, slanted news and the raving news from egomaniacs and narcissists. The choice is ours and the responsibility seems to be no one’s. Have a good week!


The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect those of the Sun. George Stahl can be reached at stahl_george@yahoo.com