Would you believe it was an energy drink?

By Brian Smith
Special to the Sun

I was a Senior Patrol Officer working in the gang unit. Oftentimes, we would work all night, show up to court in the morning, and go back to work later that day with very little sleep. Because of the violence in our city, there was always plenty of overtime. Most of the officers in the unit consumed an energy drink at some point during the shift just to stay awake.

Late one night, after a full day of court, my partner and I stopped by a mom and pop store and bought a couple of energy drinks. We normally chugged them down right away so we could get the immediate effect. I consumed the first half of mine in one big drink and it tasted funny. Since we bought it from a small store, I just figured the drink was expired. I swirled around the drink a little and chugged the last half of it and it definitely tasted funny.

Since I was driving at the time, I asked my partner to turn on the overhead dome light and look at the can to see if it was expired. He started laughing hysterically and told me my energy drink in the brightly colored can was actually a Malt Liquor. He also added it was not expired. Needless to say, I was done for the rest of the shift. -JT