Women of business unite

Shaylynn Gould of The Rabbit Hole Crocheting,
Norma Dunn with Women’s Business Center
Photos by Jake Lee Green/ Kern Valley Sun

By: Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

Women helping women succeed, that’s the goal of the Kern Valley Women of Business Collaboration (KVWBC.) On November 1, the KVWBC held the Fall into Business convention at the Kern Valley library in Lake Isabella.

The KVWBC was founded in February of this year and consists of about 25 women. Toni Day, owner of Witch Goddess Transformation Center LLC and Killer Kern Ghost & Legends LLC, says “Business women in this valley should support each other. By helping each other grow we can all be successful.” The group offers many resources such as marketing help, support, information on how to start your own business, getting recognized, and understanding all the aspects of creating and maintaining your business.

There were four businesses that joined Day including Vanessa Vasquez of Cat Dancing Designs and Wyching Well Naturals, Kelly Morris with Mary Kay, Shaylynn Gould of The Rabbit Hole Crocheting, and Norma Dunn from Women’s Business Center. All of these women share the goal of helping the Kern Valley women to get started building their success.