Whiskey Flat Encampment celebrates 15th year

Press Release
Whiskey Flat

Whiskey Flat Encampment is back. It’s hard to believe this year is the 15th anniversary of Lone Star Productions Whiskey Flat Encampment. Every year the Encampment has grown, and with the great weather forecast for this weekend, it is estimated that upwards of 5,000 visitors will be treated to an Old West experience by over 80 re-enactors. This Camp promises a unique historically accurate experience for the whole family again this year, says Mike Woodward, producer of Whiskey Flat Encampment. We even have a surprise or two in mind for the new and repeat visitors. This Camp is dynamic and offers new experiences every year.

When: February 16 – 18 during Whiskey Flat Days. Camp events begin at 11 a.m. Friday Feb. 16 and end at 4 p.m. Sunday Feb. 18.

Where: Across from the Rodeo Grounds down in the “Flats” by the River. There will be five camps for your enjoyment: The Whiskey Flat Camp, Mountain Man Camp, the Native American Indian Camp, Mining Camp with real gold mine, and the Civil War Camp. These attractions show you the real Whiskey Flat town as it was 150 years ago and have been a feature of Whiskey Flat Days celebration for a decade and a half now.

The Encampment is designed to give the whole family a glimpse at what life may have been like back in the 1800s. Camp activities will be interactive, and there will be many opportunities to speak with the residents of Whiskey Flat, Mountain Men, Cavalry and Native American Indians from the 1800s. Come smell the Cowboy Coffee and experience life as the pioneers did.
Whiskey Flat Encampment will feature hold-ups and gunfights, immigrant wagon with period music, cowboy cookin’, horse tradin’, livery and wagon sales, blacksmithing and handmade trinkets, horse shoein’ and horse doctorin’, Adam Hamilton’s two barreled bar, Justice of the Peace and an Old West church service on Sunday at 10 a.m., old time music and story tellin’ of Old Whiskey Flat around the campfire, an old west chuck wagon, saw mill and mining demonstrations.

A hold-up or two may take place by the Confederate troops of any highbrow city slickers visiting the Whiskey Flat Camp.

The Native American Encampment led by Horse and Kate Robinson will include authentic crafts, Native American hand games, Native American food, demonstration on basket making, beading, regalia making, and other items, drumming, singing, dancing, speaking in local native language, Native American cultural displays using artifacts from their ancestors, and actual building of the huts from natural native resources. There will be a display and information of the local native plants used by local Native Americans and activities throughout the day and constructed houses used in the 1800s by the Native Americans in this area, an open fire pit used for cooking and a storyteller of Native Americans from the Valley.

The Mountain Man Camp will include fur trading, teepees, trapping and hunting demonstrations, period cooking demonstrations, mountain man shelters, winter camp and clothing.

For further information and a schedule of events go to whiskeyflatcamp.org/ or visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/whiskeyflatencampment/.