What happened 50 years ago?

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

With another week in the books, the trivia has once again become hit and miss.

This week it’s a miss as only one coach, the original one, submitted a trivia question this week.
The sports editor for the Kern Valley Sun also came up with a couple of 50-year-old trivia questions.

As usual, though we have to get past last weeks’ questions and the answers.

Last week the baseball trivia question was as follows: Only once since 1992 did a Kern Valley player lead all Kern County hitters in RBI’s and all Kern County pitchers in strikeouts in the same season. Who was it and when?
Answer-Wayne Moore in 1995 with 38 RBI’s and 89 strikeouts.

Basketball: Since the 1999-2000 school year three varsity boys basketball players have shot 70 percent or better from the free-throw line for their combined varsity career. Who are they?
Answer-Kenny Haigler 72.1 percent, Dalton Gallis 71 percent, and Chase Smith 70 percent.

Basketball 2: Since the 1999-2000 school year in boys basketball, who has the best free throw percentage for a single season (Minimum 10 attempts)?
Answer-Neil Davis who shot 83.3 percent.

Tennis: How many league championships have the Lady Broncs tennis team won?
Answer-Six, all coming since the 2000 season.

Kern Valley Sun: Rusty Muncy was given a nickname after winning the CIF tile in the 300m hurdles. What was it?
Answer-” the sophomore sensation”

KV Sun 2: In 1999 there was a change in the sports pages. It lasted until 2011. What was the change?
Answer-The sports section was just that, its own lead section in “C.” In 2011 it went back to sharing the “B” section with Kern Valley Life.

There they are. Hopefully, you can rest your mind now that you know those answers.
Now it’s time for this weeks’ trivia questions.

Baseball: What was the last year of the Desert-Inyo League’s existence? And name the final four players on that final All-League team

Kern Valley Sun: in 1970 (50 years ago) who was the Broncs head coach for basketball?

KV Sun 2: Also from 1970, Who sponsored the fishing contest and what were the categories of fish?

Good luck with those and happy hunting for the answers. Or is it fishing for the answers?