We Are Essential

Like many senior citizens, I was shopping at Vons on Sunday morning, picking up some essentials. I was far from alone, as there were actually lines at the checkout. What surprised me was how many seniors did not know me. My ego wasn’t deflated, but, I am curious to learn why these people don’t know of the services I perform. There is no other insurance agency in the Kern Valley, and only a very small handful in all of Kern County that exclusively sell and service health insurance. I know for a fact that I am one of a very rare majority who are nationally recognized as an expert on Medicare plans.

The Governor, as well as, the California Insurance Commissioner have deemed my industry as an essential service. Therefore, Debra and I are in the office to answer the phones, emails, and faxes to provide health insurance during the Coronavirus crisis. The State of California requires, by law, that everyone have health insurance. The State and Federal government are offering financial assistance in paying for health insurance for individuals and families. Due to the “State of Emergency”, health insurance is currently available for individuals and families during a “Special Enrollment Period.” Kern County residents are invited to call our office for a free no obligation quote. Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and AARP/United Healthcare have recently sent out 2020 invoices to their Medicare Supplement clients increasing monthly premiums on Medicare Supplement Plans. For many, we can provide you with the identical coverage with “Extra Benefits” for a lower premium.

Perhaps my readers can advise their friends and family that there is opportunity to save money and increase their benefits. I know there are hundreds of seniors who are apparently not subscribing to the Kern Valley Sun. There is a strong chance they could afford a subscription if only they knew about the opportunities available to them. As for the toilet paper, I thought it was funny, and my colleagues that I email to around the state find it a hoot. So, I will provide a free roll of toilet paper for every approved and issued Medicare Supplement policy.

Harry P. Thal, MA, is a licensed insurance broker in California (0621106) and 24 other states. His offices are in Kernville. He is a member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors and Past-President of the Kern Association of Health Underwriters. He may be reached at 760-376-2100, e-mail harrythal@aol.com or visit him on the web at www.harrythal.com.