Volunteers upgrade Tank Park

Photo by Ashley Loza / Kern Valley Sun – Volunteers from American Legion Post 711 received a donation of gravel to help restore Tank Park on Thursday, April 11.

By Grace Harrison
Kern Valley Sun

On April 11, 2019, American Legion Post 711 received a donation of pea gravel from 711 Materials Inc. to help restore and repair parts of Tank Park in Lake Isabella, Calif.

Last month, the Kern River Valley witnessed numerous floods, devastating communities all around the lake. While most locations were able to be repaired and reopened within the following week, Lake Isabella Boulevard and Tank Park remained closed much longer than expected due to damage from mud and debris.

In December 2016, in an agreement with Kern County, American Legion Post 711 adopted a section of Tank Park, converting it into a memorial for Pearl Harbor victims and veterans. Post 711 has conducted minor repairs on the area previously, repainting the war tanks and repairing the flag pole. However, the March floods brought a new level of destruction to the memorial site that took a month to repair.

According to Mike Brownell, a member of American Legion Post 711 and one of the men behind this project, mud and debris quickly made its way into the memorial site. While Kern County did provide a quote for the materials needed to make the repairs, a local business donated the materials instead. Mike Mutt, the Operative Manager at 711 Materials Inc., located in Weldon, Calif., donated and delivered 25 tons of pea gravel to Post 711’s Tank Park Memorial.

Brownell thanks Mutt as well as Larry Hayes from the Kern County Parks Division for their work in preparing the area for the gravel. He also thanks his fellow members of American Legion Post 711 for their constant work towards keeping the Tank Park Memorial pristine and open to the public.

bigdaddywags6766@yahoo.com - April 17, 2019

Volunteerism yea i can see it in some cases. But don’t we already pay someone to do these things. You see more and more of this.But they still keep raising are tax to take care of these things. So shouldn’t are taxes be lower if more Volunteerism is happening. NOPE NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. And they will require you to volunteer soon whether you like it or not it will be mandatory. https://www.unv.org/planofaction buildingbridgescoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/…/Complete-Presentation.pdf

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