Valley Voice

My name is Judy Hyatt. I have been in and around Kern County government for over 23 years. I have lived and/or worked in the Kern Valley since 1993. I currently live in Bakersfield. At one time, I was Chief of Staff for First District Supervisor Jon McQuiston. I want to share with you why I support Daures Stephens for First District Supervisor in the County of Kern.

Daures wants to be your Supervisor! He believes Accessibility, Accountability, Advocacy are essential for success in an elected office. He knows what is needed and will be consistent in his representation. I have seen people elected to many positions in all levels of government.

Fortunately for all of us, most have a servant’s heart and want to make a positive and productive difference in the lives of those that they serve. Unfortunately, some candidates are just looking for a job. Yes, it is expensive to run for office but there are any number of political consultants and organizations that are happy to mold you into a political image with philosophies they expound. These organizations can and do turn out successful candidates because they have money – lots of money. They tend to enhance resumes and extoll the virtues of their candidate even if the wording used is designed to mislead the public.

I’m here to tell you money cannot buy a true advocate for the people. When elected, the person in office is bound to push the agenda of others whose best interests may not be what your community needs or deserves. There is no heart or compassion for the blight of others. There is no rush to reach out and find help for those truly needing assistance. If a political entity invests in a candidate, they expect – no they demand – a return on that investment. A political machine produces a machine candidate. Citizens are told “If it is not a county issue, I can’t help you.” There is no advocacy, no accountability, no compassion for the people that elected this candidate. It is just a job to move on from soon.

Daures has a servant’s heart. He is one of the few law enforcement retirees I know that has not been hardened by his life’s work.

Daures is endorsed by Assemblyman Devon Mathis, 26th Assembly district.
Daures has the support of Law Enforcement and employees of the Kern County.

Daures is endorsed by former Sheriff Carl Sparks.

Daures has been endorsed by the Kern County Probation Officers and the Kern County Detention Deputies Union, SEIU, and community leaders.
Kern County is facing very serious attacks on its economy from Sacramento. Both oil and agriculture are at risk due to environmental goals set by people that have never been to the central valley much less Kern County. There are considerations that need to be addressed and alternative solutions (other than a drastic reduction in oil production) to achieve carbon neutrality not yet discussed.

Daures has the right stuff – he has it now and is ready to start work the first day on the job.

I ask that you please vote Tuesday, March 3. This decision is important to all of us.

Judy Hyatt
Bakersfield, Calif.