Valley Voice

Do you recognize this sign? You may have driven by it many times and not even have noticed it. It is posted on SR 178 in front of the Cottage Grove Cemetery. It says “THE KERN RIVER VALLEY CHURCHES WELCOME YOU”.

It can be found as you come into the Kern River Valley from the east, just before you reach Onyx. This sign was put up by Bob Powers through the Kern Valley Exchange Club many, many years ago. You can see by this picture that the letters are now old and faded and some obliterated by age.

The sign also leans precariously forward. The sign is no longer a proud welcome from all of the churches in the valley because of its condition and since many new ones have been started since it was installed. It would be fair to say that the churches of the valley are not currently well represented to visitors of the valley by this sad looking sign.

The Kern Valley Exchange Club is sponsoring having this sign lifted and replanted in cement, replacing the lettering, removing, and adding new churches. We have been given a bid amount of $600 from Kelso Creek Maintenance to complete this effort. The Kern River Valley Phone Directory lists 31 churches in the valley. This would average out as a cost of $20 for each church to be represented on the sign.

The Kern Valley Exchange Club will be contacting each of the churches listed to find out if they are interested in remaining on, or being placed on the sign. If so, we will request that you send a check, annotating that it is for the sign, to the Kern Valley Exchange Club, P.O. Box 508, Lake Isabella, CA 93240.

We will need to have all of the funding by October 30 to enable us to have it completed before the holidays.

Pat Connell,
Kern Valley Exchange Club