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Photo by Seth Fike
Guests paint rocks for hiding at Starlite Lounge in Kernville. Each rock comes with directions to keep or re-hide the rock, but to post a photo of it on Facebook once found. Painted rocks are now showing up all over Kernville.

Have you been finding painted rocks hidden around the valley lately? If you haven't, take notice - they're popping up in quite a few unexpected places.

It's part of a project called "Kernville Rocks," and it began with Starlite Lounge owners Elise Modrovich and Dawn Jordan.

The idea of the project is to paint rocks with pictures or fun messages and then hide them in an obvious setting. Anyone who finds the rock will find a message on the back directing them to post a photo of the rock to the "Kernville Rocks" Facebook group and either keep or re-hide the rock.

It's a fun way to involve community members with one another and brighten the day of anyone who stumbles upon the rock.

The idea appears to have started in Port Angeles, Washington. Participants there have a very active "Port Angeles Rocks" Facebook group that invites people all around the country to create a "Rocks" page for their community. In fact, Modrovich says that their inspiration actually came out of Bullhead City, Arizona, where Starlite regular Robin Harmon discovered the movement. Knowing Jordan and Modrovich would love the idea, she brought it home to them.

"[She] told us about it because she thought it would be right up our alley. And she was right!" said Modrovich.
So the Starlite held its first "Kernville Rocks" painting party on Sunday, May 21. A crowd of guests gathered in the back to munch, drink and paint whatever they could think of on a handful of differently shaped rocks. If you've seen landscapes, cartoon characters, or even the already-famous cherry pie, you've stumbled upon a Kernville Rocks creation.

Modrovich says that they plan on holding painting parties at the Starlite every four to six weeks, and she plans to set the next one for some time in July. However, you don't have to make it to the Starlite to participate - anyone is encouraged to paint, hide and post on their own whenever they'd like.

The Kernville Rocks Facebook group summarizes the project well:

"We think this simple, beautiful way of spreading fun and joy around town is the perfect idea for Kernville!"