USFS seeks public input



The Kern River Ranger District is requesting public input on the Hobo and Tillie Creek Campgrounds Vented Ford Storm Damage Repairs. This project involves storm damage repairs to road crossings at creeks in Hobo and Tillie Creek Campgrounds that were damaged due to high water during winter storms in 2016-2017. These roads have been closed since the damage occurred, and Hobo Campground has not been available for public use. The project includes removal and disposal of damaged asphalt and concrete, excavation and backfill, installation of culverts, installation of GeoFabric, pavement patching, placing reinforced concrete, installation of riprap, and minor vegetation clearing around working areas.

The preliminary assessment of this proposal indicates that it falls within categories of actions listen in the Forest Service Handbook that may be excluded from documentation in an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and that there are no extraordinary circumstances that would preclude use of the categories described in FSH 1909.15, Chapter 32.2 Subsection 18 and 19.

36 CFR 22.6(e)(18) – Restoring wetlands, streams, riparian areas or other water bodies by removing, replacing, or modifying water control structures such as, but not limited to, dams, levees, dikes, ditches, culverts, pipes, drainage tiles, valves, gates, and fencing, to allow waters to flow into natural channels and floodplains and restore natural flow regimes to the extent practicable where valid existing rights or special use authorizations are not unilaterally altered or canceled.


36 CFR 220.6(e)(19) – Removing and/or relocating debris and sediment following disturbance events (such as floods, hurricanes, tornados, mechanical/engineering failures, etc.) to restore uplands, wetlands, or riparian systems to pre-disturbance conditions, to the extent practicable, such that site conditions will not impede or negatively alter natural processes.
If you have any information concerning this proposal or know of any unusual situations or extraordinary circumstances that may lead this proposed action to cause significant environmental effects, please let us know by April 26, 2019. Please contact Penelope Shibley at 760-376-3781 x650 with any questions on this project. Send your comments in writing or email ( to:

Penelope Shibley
Kern River Ranger District
11380 Kernville Road
Kernville, CA 93238

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.