Tule River reopens to public


Now that the Tule River’s flow has returned closer to normal, officials on the Sequoia National Forest have ended the closure of the river corridor that extended from below Camp Nelson to the Forest entrance above Springville. Those who travel near rivers and lakes across the Forest are advised to use extreme caution, especially anyone with young children. Fed by snow melt, water temperature is very cold while the water level continues to run high and is very unpredictable.

This portion of the Tule River is located on the Western Divide Ranger District in Giant Sequoia National Monument, Sequoia National Forest. It was closed on May 21, 2019 when the combined record level snowpack and warm temperature resulted in swift flowing water considered hazardous to anyone nearby. The forest coordinated this effort with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department, who had already conducted several search and rescue operations along the river.

Please be cautious anytime you or your family are near rivers, lakes and streams. When water appears warm or slow moving there are sometimes strong currents moving below the surface. It is important to take care when walking on slippery surfaces around or even in the water. A slippery and uneven river bottom combined with the river’s swift current, not to mention debris or other potential underwater hazards, can cause you to lose your balance and sweep you downstream. Keep a close watch on children even if they are far from the water. Water safety for children is especially important as they can quickly enter the water when your attention is diverted for only a moment.

Recreation information for the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Forest can be found on our website www.fs.usda.gov/sequoia/ or by calling our offices in Dunlap (559)338-2251, Porterville (559)784-1500, Springville (559)539-2607 or Kernville (760)376-3781.