Trivia goes on a Diet

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

It seems as the weather got hotter the trivia questions became slimmer.

This week in the trivia game only two questions will be asked. One from baseball and one from the pages of the Kern Valley Sun. Also, another round of odd sports facts will be delivered.

But of course, before we get there we have to clean up last weeks’ questions.

Here we go with the questions and answers from last week.

Track: Which Kern Valley boy and girl athlete were the last to set a school record? The answer was Grace McLellan in the High Jump in 2003 and Rusty Muncy in the 300m hurdles in 2012.

Baseball: Since 1992, what school have the Broncs defeated the most without a single loss? And how many wins versus this school? The answer is Lone Pine. And the second answer is 17-0. According to Mike Genthner who supplies the baseball question, Wayne Moore was able to correctly guess this answer.

At least someone is reading the questions and attempting to answer them. It would be nice if others joined in and sent a guess by email to

From the pages of the Sun: What was the significance of the photo that was printed in last week’s edition? The answer is this group of athletes was the last Kern Valley MVP’s for 2020.

Well here are the questions for this week.

Baseball: Since 1992, Kern Valley has had four players earn All-League honors for all four years. Who are they?

Kern Valley Sun: What was the number of the Broncs Motorsports race car that competed at Mesa Marin?

In the world of odd sports facts: No.1 American professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal scored only a single three-point shot throughout his entire professional career.

No. 2 The game “Quidditch” from the Harry Potter novels is now a recognized sport in our world, with its own leagues and even regular world championships.

No. 3 In 1923, a dead rider finished first in a horse race in New York. The rider suffered a heart attack during the race and the horse carried the dead body to the finishing line.