To Get Away from the Bomb



By Brian Smith
Special to the Sun

When I was a Captain with the state highway patrol in Visalia, Calif., I finished work one night and was on my way home when I observed a car pass someone using the right shoulder. I’ve learned that when someone passes on the right shoulder, they are usually trying to get away from a larger crime.

I stopped the vehicle and asked the 60 something year old driver why he was driving that way. He stated, “I was trying to get away from the bomb.”
I said, “Bomb, what bomb?”

He said, “Bomb?”

I said, “You said you had a bomb.”

He said, “No, I didn’t.”

I said, “OK, let me start over. Why were you driving that way?”

He said, “Because I have a bunch of stolen rifles and shotguns in my trunk.”

I called for another unit since he was acting so odd. Once the back-up officer arrived, I directed the driver to get out of the vehicle and patted him down. I then asked him if I could open the trunk. He said I could.

When I opened the trunk, it was loaded with rifles and shotguns. I ran a couple of the serial numbers and they were stolen. When I ran his criminal history, I was told he was a felon. When I asked what the felony was, they advised he was convicted for blowing up an abortion center.

I then remembered his earlier statement about the bomb. I asked where he was coming from and he said he was at the Lemoore Naval Station. I asked for specifics, but he didn’t know the locations. He said he didn’t know if he set up a bomb there or not. All proper authorities were notified immediately, but no bomb was ever found. It turns out all the firearms were stolen. I think I will keep looking for those right shoulder passers.