To CARE for our four-legged friends

Owner of CARE Sherrie Larson, and Valentino, a 15 year old Red Roan Gelding.
Geronimo, a Quarterhorse Gelding that is over 30 years old.
Dory, a 16 year old Mine Mule, with the personality of a playful child tried mischievously to free herself from the pen.
Photos by Julie Giyer/ Kern Valley Sun

By: Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

Three years ago, Sherrie Larson, along with her brother Dean Larson, started rescuing horses within the community and bringing them to their ranch in Bodfish. Recently, Larson’s brother passed away and she became unsure of which direction she was to take with the ranch without the help of her brother to guide her. She knew she wanted to continue rescuing horses and helping the community. She spent her time focusing on the ranch to help her deal with her loss. Larson knew this is what her brother would have wanted. Her goal was to make their business, Consulting and Rescuing Equines (CARE,) a legit business and build it into a full functioning rescue.

With help from Kristina Flores, a fellow neighbor, and volunteers from Kern Valley High School, Larson is able to keep the horses fed, walked, ridden, conditioned, their pens mucked, and the ranch up to par on maintenance. At the moment there are two ride-able horses. Larson’s goals for the future is to help find great homes for her rescues, build funding, have a youth program, therapy programs for veterans, and to help people within the community to be able to keep their retired horses. If you ever get a chance, stop by and meet Larson and her wonderful rescues. She is always looking for volunteers. These kind souls will definitely have you leaving with a warmed heart and a smile.