Tips and tricks for catching fish in green water

During our last A.B.A Bass Tournament, I witnessed the greenest water of the season. The algae bloom has been really bad this summer. The hot weather, low lake levels and lack of river inflow seemed to have worsened the bloom. 

A lot of fishermen believe those conditions create poor fishing. That is not the case for A.B.A bass fishermen. The results from the tournament held on Aug. 29 proved that bass don’t mind the green water. 13 teams competed in the tournament and 65 total fish were caught. 12 of the 13 teams caught limits. 

The tournament was won by a one-man team, Alex Theodorou, who caught a five-fish limit weighing 19.43 pounds. 

The only team that came in without a limit was the Smith and King team. Roy and I threw everything we had at them. We had a couple of fish in the boat early and then went into a slump. We needed more practice, that’s all there is to it. 

I thought we had something going when I hooked up on a good fish on the rocks along the flume. I was throwing a red-and-black chatter bait. I was looking for bass feeding on crawdads in the rocks. The good fish turned out to be a big channel cat. That healthy, strong fighting cat was in shallow water. I guess catfish don’t mind the green waters either. As far as trout and crappy go, I think it’s more about water temperature than water color.

Good electronics are a fisherman’s friend this time of year. Fish a school of shad, and the crappy and shad should be underneath the cool water picking off the bait. It could be anywhere from 20 to 40 feet of water.

I took a little vacation over the Labor Day weekend to avoid the crowds in the Valley. Went down to Huntington Beach to fish a little with brother Bob. It was nice fishing a canal near the beach and needing a sweatshirt one afternoon. 

An estimated 50,000 people visited the Valley over the Labor Day weekend. From a fisherman’s point of view, it was a good time to stay home or go somewhere else. Cars were parked where they are not supposed to park. Campers camped where they are not supposed to camp. Trash was being left where it is not supposed to be left. It’s very frustrating to pull into a turnout to fish a day-use area only to find people camping there. 

I was hoping to have a story to tell about another A.B.A Bass Tournament scheduled for Sept. 12. Unfortunately, the extreme wildfire situation has forced officials to close down most of the river and lake access. The tournament was canceled. Hopefully, our great firefighters can gain control of the situation. Our next tournament is scheduled for Oct. 3. I’m not sure how long the closures will last— already going through fishing withdrawals. 

This is a good time to re-line some reels, re-organize the many tackle boxes, and wash and wax the already heavily-waxed boat. What I really should do in this time is watch videos on tournament bass fishing. Hopefully, Team Smith and King can improve on our last-place finish at the previous tournament. 

See you on the water!

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