They Didn’t Need to Know

One early morning when I was a Highway Patrol Commander, I was driving my unmarked car through a neighborhood when I observed a red Mitsubishi 3000 sports car drive by me in the opposite direction.

When the driver looked in my vehicle and saw me in uniform, his eyes bugged out. All I did was make a U-Turn to follow the vehicle and he panicked. He accelerated away at high speeds.

I chased after him and advised dispatch I needed a marked “black
and white” patrol vehicle to assist with the pursuit. I chased the vehicle for a few miles, then he drove into an orchard. I was able to follow him. He eventually stopped the car and took off on foot across the orchard rows.

He just kept running away. I then told him if he didn’t stop, I was going to release the K-9. I then repeated, “OK, I am letting him go now and I will not call him off when he catches you.” In a panic, he turned around while in a full stride to see if the dog was running after him.

As he did that, he lost his balance and fell head over heels and landed on his
face. I ran up to him and made the arrest. Of course, I never really had a dog. It turns out he had just carjacked the vehicle’s owner at gunpoint earlier that day.

When I returned to the office, the officers asked me how I was able to find
him so quickly. I just smiled and winked. The truth is, I was not in my car when the broadcast was put out. I had no idea the vehicle was stolen when I made the U-Turn on it.

I was just suspicious of his reactions, but they didn’t need to know that. – BS